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Are Metal Swing Sets Safe? (The Truth)

22 Jan 2024
Are Metal Swing Sets Safe? (The Truth)

Are metal swing sets safe for your kids?  

As a cautious parent, you always want to make sure your kids are safe and joyful during playtime.   

We sell metal swing sets at gobaplay and will take an unbiased look at the safety of the classic kids’ playground structures.  

After reading this honest analysis, you can make an informed decision on whether a swing set is right for your child.  

Are Metal Swing Sets Safe for Kids? 

Let’s get right to it.  

Metal swing sets are safe for kids so long as you have a good-quality swing set and follow basic safety rules.   

This doesn’t mean injuries can’t happen. According to the National Program for Playground Safety, swings are the second most common playground equipment in terms of injuries (22%). They are just behind climbers (23%).  

Common injuries on metal swing sets include falling, collisions with swing components and loose clothing or accessories getting entangled. Metal swing sets can also get hot if left in direct sunlight, which can cause burns.  

A large metal swing set.

Think of swing sets like driving a car. If you’re reckless on the roads, then the chances of an accident will increase.  

But if you drive the speed limit, stop when you’re supposed to and use your blinker, you’re probably going to be safe.  

Your child will be safe on a metal swing set if you get a safe swing set and follow some ground rules.   

9 Features That Make a Good-Quality Metal Swing Set 

There are certain features you want to see on a safe metal swing set. Think of the following as a “checklist” to run through while researching swing sets: 

1. Material Quality - Look for durable, weather-resistant metals with anti-corrosion coatings. See below for a swing set using powder-coated steel, which is a sign of a high-quality swing set:  

Two little kids sitting in a grey tent swing on a single swing set.

2. Construction Design - The frame structure is galvanized and sturdy, with secure welding or bolted connections for stability. 

3. Protective Design Elements - The set includes smooth, rounded edges, lacks sharp protrusions, and ensures secure attachments for swings and accessories. 

4. Surface Finish - The finish is non-toxic, lead-free, and UV-resistant, maintaining color durability.  

5. Check the Warranty – The warranty will hint at how long the product will last. 2 years for single swing sets, 5 years for medium swing sets and 5-10 years for large swing sets. 

6. Ideal Weight Capacity – All swing sets have a single-user weight limit. Assess this before purchasing and make sure your child doesn’t exceed it. 

Note: If you think your child will use the set long-term, consider your child’s growth and buy bigger the first time. They grow up too fast! 

7. Easy Maintenance - The swing set allows for simple cleaning procedures and incorporates rust-preventive measures for longevity.  

8. Compliance with Safety Standards - It adheres to industry safety regulations and holds certification from recognized safety authorities, like the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).  

9. Reviews and Recommendations – Look for authentic user reviews or talk to family, friends or neighbors about their firsthand experience.  

Bonus: If the brand/retailer you’re investigating sells swing set anchors, this is a plus! All swing sets must be anchored to prevent them from tipping.  

Example of gobaplay’s Swing Set Anchors:  

Swing set anchors on turf. 

17 Safety Rules for Metal Swing Sets  

Getting a good-quality swing set is one part of the equation for safety. The next part is setting swing set safety rules.  

Based on our expert insight, here are 17 rules to follow while swinging on a swing set:  

#1: Ensure your swing set is assembled correctly. Proper swing set installation is ESSENTIAL for the safety of your set.  

#2: Anchor your swing set 

#3: Always supervise your young children during playtime. 

#4: Don’t exceed the single-user weight limit. 

#5: Have your child wear full-foot enclosing footwear. No flip-flops, sandals or clogs. 

#6: NEVER wear loose clothing, hood and neck drawstrings, scarves or cord-connected items. 

#7: If your swing set is modular (i.e. has multiple structures), only allow for age-appropriate activities.   

Example of a modular swing set, via Wayfair: 

Six kids playing on a modular swing set. 

#8: Limit the number of users to the manufacturer’s guidelines (this should be stated in their owner’s manual).  

#9: Never stand on or jump off the swings.  

#10: Never walk behind, between, in front of or close to moving items.  

#11: Don’t swing empty seats.  

#12: Teach your children to sit at the center of the swing with their full weight on the seats. 

#13: Don’t get on the swing set while it’s in motion. 

#14: Avoid the equipment if it’s wet.  

#15: No bike or sports helmet while swinging.  

#16: Don’t allow your child to pull or twist the swing chains or ropes to loop them over the support bar. Also, don’t add length to the rope or chain.  

#17: Regularly inspect your swing set for damaged parts. If you notice damages, repair them immediately.   

Educate your child on these rules and set expectations that they must be followed to use the swing set.   

It may sound like a lot, but following these rules will keep your kids smiling and safe while using the swing set!  

Which Is Better, Metal or Wood Swing Sets?  

The answer to the “Are metal swing sets safe?” question is two-fold:  

  • Yes, metal swing sets are safe.  
  • But you must buy a good-quality model and follow rules for optimal safety.   

Metal swing sets are popular because they are generally sturdy, low-maintenance and won’t break the bank.  

If you’re in the market for a swing set, you might be curious to see how metal swing sets compare to other types of swing sets before purchasing.   

We previously conducted an honest comparison of metal vs. wood swing sets 

Check it out and significantly increase your chances of buying the right swing set the first time around! 

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