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gobaplay's Single Swing Set Wins Parents' Picks Award for Elementary Kids

08 Mar 2024
A mom pushing her daughter on the gobaplay Round Platform Swing.

gobaplay is honored to receive the 2023 Parents' Picks Award in the Best Products for Elementary Kids Category!

A newly introduced brand that is a part of the same group that owns Springfree Trampoline, gobaplay was chosen by Parents' Picks Award for its Single Swing Set With Round Platform Swing.

Parents' Picks Awards is a highly respected source, with over 45 years of experience, that is trusted by parents and professionals seeking to find the best products for their children.

Their process includes evaluating products based on an approval process with over 50 criteria, including thinking skills, character building, engagement and quality, among others.

Hundreds of similar products are stringently reviewed throughout the world, making Parents' Picks Award winners unique and superior in their respective categories.

"We couldn't be more honored to be chosen by Parents' Picks Award for recognition in the Best Products for Elementary Kids Category," said Amy McIntee, Co-COO of goba SPORTS GROUP. "We're a new brand, but this acknowledgment is a testament to our continuous commitment to create safe, stylish and satisfying playground equipment that produces joy and active play for all."

The gobaplay Single Swing Set is a high-quality, contemporary swing set designed with dark overtones that contrast elegantly with the aesthetic of a backyard - making it a fashionable addition to any home.

gobaplay will be launching new backyard products in the months ahead - go to our gobaplay website and sign up for gobaplay's Newsletter to be the first to know when a new product drops!

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