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By The Makers Of Springfree Trampoline.


goba Sports Group Expands Portfolio with New Brands and Sourcing Solutions

04 Apr 2024
A collage of kids playing on a trampoline, climbing dome and swings.

goba Sports Group, the parent company of Springfree Trampoline, is excited to announce its expansion into the backyard product space.   

This expansion includes goba Sports Group’s recent launch of gobaplay, an outdoor brand selling swing sets, climbing structures and backyard games.  

Also included as part of this evolution is the introduction of DGSH Sourcing, the design, lean manufacturing and supply chain division of goba Sports Group. DGSH’s trusted team will offer personalized, worry-free sourcing services to companies that want efficient manufacturing solutions.   

“We have a core philosophy at goba Sports Group – go outside and be active,” said Amy McIntee, Co-COO of goba Sports Group.   

“Our journey started with Springfree Trampolines, the world’s Safest Trampolines, over 20 years ago. While Springfree is our core brand, we are now extending our passion for safe backyard play into other outdoor categories to give families even more opportunities to create everlasting joyful moments together.” 

goba Sports Group brands.


goba Sports Group, a vertically integrated company, creates products that are carefully crafted to be safe, high-quality and long-lasting. 

This commitment to product excellence was showcased by gobaplay recently being recognized as a Parent’s Picks Award winner for its Single Swing Set and Large Geometric Climbing Dome.  

“We control the entire lifecycle of our products, using the highest of standards and testing regulations to ensure safety, quality and longevity for your children,” said Norm O’Hara, Co-COO, goba Sports Group.   

“Our commitment to quality and excellence extends beyond just our products; with the introduction of DGSH Sourcing, we will also ensure that other companies have full confidence in their product procurement.” 

To explore their brands and learn more about goba Sports Group, visit their website at 


Amy McIntee 

goba Sports Group  

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About goba Sports Group  

At goba Sports Group, our name encapsulates our ethos – goba means go out, be active. We are a dynamic group of companies dedicated to bringing this vision to life globally. We focus on celebrating active play, from jumping to climbing and swinging to sliding and creating memorable experiences outdoors. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and a commitment to delivering safe, high-quality, long-lasting products to our customers is what we strive for in each of our business divisions.  Visit our website at to learn more.  

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